About Me

My name is Amanda and I currently reside in Asheville, NC. I began hooping in my hometown of Huntsville, AL in April of 2008 after seeing fire hoopers in an online video. I was instantly drawn in and have not put my hoop down since. Hooping has changed my life - It is the only hobby that I have remained consistent with. It has offered me a creative way to express myself and has built my confidence, mentally and physically. As a bonus, I managed to lose 25 pounds and  dropped down 8 sizes my first year hooping.  I offer hoop dance performances, including fire, LED, and day hoop. I have performed on stage with local musicians, at gallery openings, private parties, and various events.

I have completed teacher training with Carolyn "Caroleeena" Mabry, a master hoop dancer and instructor. I aspires to share my passion for hooping with everyone that I comes across. I hope that each person that I can get in a hoop may find the same joy that I have found in this beautiful circle.


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