Polypro Hoops!

***I am currently not shipping hoops, please contact me for local pick up only in Asheville, NC - until I figure out some collapsible methods :) ***

I specialize in crafting high performance hoops for those who have been hooping for a while and are ready for a challenge in furthering their hoop practice and skills. These hoops are made of 3/4" OD polypropylene tubing, which is extremely light weight and incredibly precise. They are very responsive and naturally move at high speeds, making them great for breaks and reversals, isolations, tosses, as well as a variety of other movements. These hoops are white and slightly translucent and do not come taped, as it effects the hoops performance and adds extra weight. Sanding for extra grip is available upon request at no extra charge. Hoop rates are based upon hoop size - Sorry about the random prices, please see below for pricing. Send an e-mail to stellarhoopdance@gmail.com to place your order, also feel free contact me with any questions about these hoops.

 Single Hoops

*Hoops of this material may be no larger than 38"

28" - 31" - $25

32" - 35" - $28

36" - 38" - $30 

Double Hoops

*Price breaks for two mini hoops or twin sized doubles

20" - 24" - $35

25" - 31" - $40

32" - 35" - $45

36" - 38" - $50


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